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Installation of BE Server at virtual host level

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Looking for any idea on how to fix a setup my customer is trying to get work using the trial version.

They have installed the BE Server at the machine level on a virtual host server. This is a single server and not part of a cluster. They have a virtual domain server hosted on this server. Due to this setup the host server itself is not part of the domain. All the virtual servers are part of the domain. 

They are able to do a full backup and a full restore of the virtual servers but when they attempt granular backups or restores the connection fails. If they install an agent on one of the virtual servers and try to setup a backup with that agent that also fails.

My thinking this is a rights issue and I am not aware of a method to setup a domain trust with a single server not in a domain. That said I could be wrong and I am looking for other ideas on why these connections are not working. I am not a VMWare expert by any means so this could also be a configuration issue at that level or we need to open ports somehow between the host and virtual server.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.



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Hi @jstone63 
BE's logon account for the domain member servers must be valid so you could start there: confirm BE`s logon account for those servers is a valid account and that you can successfully login to a domain server using those credentials.

If one of the domain member servers already appears in the "Backup and Restore" TAB, to verify credentials you could double click on any of those servers and on the next window

  1. On the lefthand pane go to "Credentials"
  2. Select the appropriate set of credentials
  3. Click on "Test Credentials"Capto_Capture 2021-11-12_11-38-15_.png

If test is successful, provided that user has the proper rights, then you should be able to use GRT enabled backups and restores for those virtual servers even if the BE Server isn't part of the domain. Also make sure you check requirements and notes in VMware chapter of the BE Admin  guide:


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This isn't a VMware problem, but a BE problem. Best practice is to have your media server on the domain. If you do so, this should fix it all. You then use BEutility.exe to change the BE Service Account to an account on the domain with the correct rights assigned to it.