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Installed the LEO License, but not Seeing My Second Drive

I just recently purchased and installed the LEO license for my Dell PowerVault TL4000 so that I can utilize the second drive on it. Now in the device properties for Windows I see 2 drives and 2 media changers, but in Backup Exec I only see one drive still. Am I missing a configuration step or something? I have went into the device wizard and in the install driver phase I see 2 drives, but still there is only one drive available afterwards. I cannot even configure the second drive as it is missing from the menu. I have restarted my server, but still nothing as well.

Any help would be appreciated
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You said you are seeing 2

You said you are seeing 2 medium changer in the device manager. Are you using 2 library with 1 drive each.
When you run the device wizard can you move the drive to the library. Just try to drag the drive under the library and see if it works while running the device wizard


re: Now in the device properties for Windows I see 2 drives and 2 media changers,

Is the library partitioned into two logical changers?  Normally you would only see one changer in Windows, so you may have an issue with the control path setting in the library (assuming you aren't trying to partition).

In BE I have slots

In BE I have slots partitioned, I don't know if that's what you're specifically talking about. I have a Dell PowerVault TL4000, which should have 2 drives. I have the slots partitioned into 2 segments for different backups.

Here is how I see it in BE:
Under Devices

Device Pool
- All Devices
    - IBM 1 (Frank) (Drive)
- IBM 2 [0001..0032]
    - IBM 1 (Drive)
- IBM 2 [0033..0044]
    - IBM 1 (Drive)

FRANK (Server)
- Robotic Libraries
    - IBM 2
        - IBM 1 (Drive)
        - IBM 2 [0001..0032]
        - IBM 2 [0033..0044]

I have the same setup on a different server, and under robotic libraries I see 2 drives instead of 1.

RE: Installed the LEO License, but not Seeing My Second Drive

Have you cycled the BackupExec services after running the device wizard?

Does Windows Device manager see both drives?

if all else fails, you could delete all devices from the Backup Exec Device tab, then stop/start the services and run The Device Wizard again

(If you do go this route, you may need to change job properties to utilize new device names)


I cycled the BE services

I cycled the BE services after the device wizard, I also power cycled the server as well. The only thing I didn't power cycle is the TL4000.

Windows Device Manager does see 2 drives

My next step was to reinstall the drivers and do a reinstall of the devices through the BE Device Wizard

Thanks for you input, I'll let you guys know how it works.

You are using software

You are using software partitioning, which is done within BE and would have no affect on the Windows Device Manager.

I was referring to hardware partitioning, which is done within the library itself, to make it appear to the outside world (ie servers) as more than one robot/library.

Are you still seeing two changers in Windows Device Manager?  If so, then we need to focus on the library configuration as it doesn't sound like it is configured correctly for your desires.  Check in your TL400 web UI for a setting for the number of logical libraries.  I assume you want that to be 1, but I expect it is currently 2?

Please run discover.exe with all BE Services stopped

open command prompt
change directory to BE Install path
run discover.exe > C:\discover.txt
get the discover.txt file

NOTE :- Make sure all BE Services are stopped when you try this. Also RSM should be disabled



Here's the file.

I delved into my TL4000 setup

I delved into my TL4000 setup more closely. It looks like we may have a 1 drive version which is why there is no 2nd drive...

Please could you elaborate


Hi Chewy, Even with 1 drive

Hi Chewy,

Even with 1 drive in the library, and a second LEO in BE, if there is only 1 drive shown in Windows, you would only see 1 drive in BE.
My suggestion would be to firstly get hold of the Dell drivers. Install them, and make sure that you only see 1 medium changer, and your single drive. Remove 1 of each if need be.
Restart the server, and see if this fixes it. If not, upgrade the firmware on the SCSI card and the library and restart the server and the library again.
This doesn't sound like a BE issue though, but try the above, and post the results so that we can help further if need be!


Just an update to everything

Just an update to everything here. My TL4000 only had 1 drive installed on it, however it is capable of accepting 2 SAS connections (mainly used for redundancy) which is probably why the device manager saw 2 drives. I found out that the TL can accept up to 4 drives (has to be half drives in this config). We have purchased an extra drive, however it is a half drive. The original is a full drive capable of supporting 2 SAS connections, while this one is only capable of 1 SAS connection. I have installed the drives and BE has recognized and installed the drivers for it, however I can't seem to have them both writing at the same time. I ran an inventory and they were both utilized, but right now I have jobs running and it is only utilizing one drive.

I'm wondering if this is just a setting or if I am missing something here.