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Installing BE on Hyper-V

I was wondering if someone can point me to a good document on how to go about installing BE on a Microsoft 2008 R2 Hyper-V host. The host server has of course the Hyper-V host, as well as four other virtual machines (Exchange, Terminal Server, SQL, as well as just a file server).

I would like to find a document that talks about actual installation and best practices.

Thank you for your help.

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Hi I found one few link below

Hi I found one few link below which describes best practices in installing BE2012,, So you can use same link as you are going to install it on hyper host which is physical machine only. Below link describes best practices for hyper agent. Below link describes new features in backupexec 2012. Hope this helps. Regards.

Ok I will look at these links

Ok I will look at these links a little later today and study up and see what happens and report back. So the tape drive (an autoloader) is connected to the host/physical hyper-v machine. Is it correct that I should be able to install BE on the host machine and then deploy the Hyper-V agent as well as any other necessary agents depending on the virtual machine (i.e. SQL agent, Exchange Agent, etc) and be able to backup the host as well as the guest machines including the VHD files?

I just looked at the first

I just looked at the first link and it doesn't unfortunately give me a lot of detail. What I am hoping to find is an actual how-to for installing BE on the physical host and then to the virtual guests in a hyper-v environment. Thanks for the help in advance.

How to install BE 2012

How to install BE 2012 video:

Choose Backup exec Agent for VMWare Hyper-V from BE agents menu while installing (I presume that you have purchased vmware or hyper-v agent license). 

As you have Exchange and SQL running on virtual machines you would be needing two Applications and Databases licenses. You have to install remote agent for windows servers on those machines. You can backup those applications just like how you backthem up if they were installed on standalone servers.

How to install agent:

1) I hope that the Hyper-V

1) I hope that the Hyper-V host is not a Server 2008 Core.  If so, you would not be able to load BE on it.  The Core edition is not supported as a media server.  Otherwise, run the installation DVD on the host and follow the instructions to install BE.

2) Install your licences if you have not already done so during the BE installation process.  As previously advised, you would need 2 Agent for Applications and Databases licences to backup your Exchange and SQL databases.  If you have a Hyper-V agent licence, then you don't need any more licence.  Otherwise, you need to have 1 RAWS licence per VM.

3) After the installation, you would then push out the agent to the VM's.

4) Configure your backup job.

The question here in my

The question here in my understanding is " how to install BE on a Microsoft 2008 R2 Hyper-V host". I have a similar question. The issue here being whether 1. Symantec supports a virtualised environment, 2. Configuration requirements; if they are similar to that of a physical environment, 3. High availability considerations?


hope this will help you

hope this will help you :