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Installing Backup Exec 2010 Central Admin Server

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We have 2 Backup 2010 servers.  My boss has just bought a Central Admin Server license.  He wants one of the servers to be the CAS server, but how do I install it and do I need to do anything with all the servers agents?



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You need to enter CAS license on one of the server which will make it central server which can manage other managed server which has backupexec installed

Once you install license key on CAS then on other backupexec server please go to tools-install license options check the managed server option & enter name of your CAS


That should setup CAS-MMS

Please check this document for further help


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...2 servers with 1 acting as a CAS is overkill. Why not just use 1 server to connect to the other. BE has that'd simply select the option on the main screen to connect to another server.

The CASO license tends to be pretty expensive, and I think in an environment with 2 servers, its use is made null. It is VERY effective with more than 3 servers. To give you an idea I have a CASO server curently managing 30 servers in our environment.

You could use that money elsewhere to buy additional agents, or invest in another IT budget perhaps!

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Thanks, we got the CAS on a very cheap deal so may as well use it.  Plus we will be adding more BE servers later.

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Thanks for your response so was the document above helpful with direction I gave you to install CAS -MSS



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Hi there,



When you add CASO to your Backup Exec environment, you designate one media
server as the central administration server (CAS), while other media servers
become managed media servers (MMSs), communicating directly with, and being
managed and monitored from, the CAS.
CASO can centrally define jobs and distribute those jobs to MMSs for processing.
CASO monitors jobs as they are running and can report on those jobs.
MMSs are Backup Exec media servers that are managed by the CAS. MMSs are
responsible for the actual processing of backup and restore jobs.
By default, MMS catalogs are stored locally. You can optionally override the
default catalog storage location and select the CAS as the catalog storage location.
Promoting a Media Server to a CAS
* Select Tools—>Install Options and License Keys on this
Media Server
* At the Welcome screen, click Next.
* Mark the Local Install check box and click OK
* Enter the CASO license key
* Follow the remaining installation instructions
* Restart the Backup Exec services.
Repurposing a Media Server to an MMS
* Start the Backup Exec Administration Console on the
stand-alone media server.
* Select Tools—>Set Central Administration Server
* Enter the name of the CAS that is to manage the media server
* Click OK.
* Click Close.
* Restart the Backup Exec services on the MMS.
* In the Administration Console on the CAS, select Media Servers.
The new MMS is displayed in the list of servers.