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Installing RALUS on HP-UX - Service Pack errors

Level 3

I get this error when running installralus on HP-UX

Remote Agent Pre_install Check

We have identified one or more required service packs missing on the target machine. Please install the following HP-UX service packs before installing RALUS:


Exiting the RALUS installer.

Press [Return] to continue:

This we think is a typo and the patch is PHSS_33033

On the patch database,, this patch has been superceeded by PHSS-35381 and this is the patch that is already installed.

I need to get this installed urgently so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Level 1
Hi Traject,

We are having exactly the same error, did you find any resolution to your problem?


Level 3
Hi Baris,
We got round the issue by hacking the install script. Our DBA did the following:

1. Look for an any existing package on the HPUX machine using swlist (ie PHSS_35414)

2. Locate the Perl module that contains the HPSS_33033  

cd to cdimg dir

“find . –name *.pm –print | grep HP”

3. This should bring back only one file.

Look for entries of 33033 in this file, this will make sure you have the correct file

grep <filename> 33033

 4. Change any entries of HPSS_33033 with the package (3 locations) found in step 1. (NB. PHSS_35414 is only an example, it may, and probably does not exist)w

By doing this we managed to proceed and complete the installation of the RALUS agent. We then got Symantec to approve the method to ensure it would continue to be supported which it is.

I would be interested to see how you get on with the remote agent on HP-UX as we are continuing to have problems with it. Some of the directories are listed as empty in the selection list despite the fact they are known to contain data (eg. /etc). When trying to backup these directories it shows a 'directory invalid' error in the job log. After a month of emails backwards and forwards from Symantec Support we are still no closer to resolving the issue. Let me know if you have the same issue!