Installing RANW on Netware 4.11

Just got Backup exec for windows and trying to install the Remote Agent on our netware 4.11 server. From the Exec server (XP box with ver 12 SP1) I goto tools/install remote agents. I select the netware server and do the install. However I find that the install hasn't created the NLMS directory or copyed the NLM's across. No hassle. I create the NLMS directory manualy and then the NLMS are installed by the application (strange). 


I then run bestart and it says problems see the .fax file. I check this and it says this netware is not supported. This is despite the agent install from the Exec server saying that ver. 4.11 IS supported. :-(


Okay. so then I go get the latest ver 9.20 RANW from Symantic. I install this okay but STILL the bestart reports Netware version not supported :-(


HELP! How can I backup my netware server?!




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Re: Installing RANW on Netware 4.11

Netware 4.11 isn't support Backup Exec 12.  Support for Netware starts at 5.1 SP8 to 6.5 with Backup Exec 12.  Here is a link to the SCL http://support.veritas.com/docs/295304

Re: Installing RANW on Netware 4.11

Arrr.... I was confused by the Remote Agent install saying...


"Expends network-wide protection..... across Netware 4.x, 5.x, ......"




Do I loose much by using local agent rather than remote?