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Installing RANW on Netware 4.11

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Just got Backup exec for windows and trying to install the Remote Agent on our netware 4.11 server. From the Exec server (XP box with ver 12 SP1) I goto tools/install remote agents. I select the netware server and do the install. However I find that the install hasn't created the NLMS directory or copyed the NLM's across. No hassle. I create the NLMS directory manualy and then the NLMS are installed by the application (strange). 


I then run bestart and it says problems see the .fax file. I check this and it says this netware is not supported. This is despite the agent install from the Exec server saying that ver. 4.11 IS supported. :(


Okay. so then I go get the latest ver 9.20 RANW from Symantic. I install this okay but STILL the bestart reports Netware version not supported :(


HELP! How can I backup my netware server?!





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Netware 4.11 isn't support Backup Exec 12.  Support for Netware starts at 5.1 SP8 to 6.5 with Backup Exec 12.  Here is a link to the SCL

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Arrr.... I was confused by the Remote Agent install saying...


"Expends network-wide protection..... across Netware 4.x, 5.x, ......"




Do I loose much by using local agent rather than remote?