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Installing and configuring the Early Adopter Program (EAP) build of Backup Exec 2010?

Hello all -

Has anyone had the chance to download and install the EAP build of Backup Exec 2010?  Any issues, comments, or experiences to share?

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Aidan Finley
Sr. Product Manager, Backup Exec
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Got it...will be creating a

Got it...will be creating a VM to install it too.

Installing it now and did not

Installing it now and did not realize you have to uninstall any previous versions of Backup Exec.

Need help with Installation

I am trying to install Backup Exec 2010 on Windows 2008 server x64 and I keep getting the same error meassage.  When I get to the very end of the installation and it try's to configure the SQL the installation fails.  Below is the error message.  Can someone help?


Tyson Moore

I'm guessing that this new

I'm guessing that this new version has a different database schema then the old version. You uninstalled your old version of BE but probably didn't uninstall the SQL instance or drop the DB. If you do that you will, of course, lose any backup history, jobs etc etc. Once the upgrade version is out it should take care of this issue

Completely uninstalled SQL and tried a totally different server

I completely uninstalled all sql programs and reinstalled it, that did not work.  I also tried using a totally different SQL server and that still failed.  Any ideas?

Tyson Moore 

Well it seemed logical

Well it seemed logical :)
I looked around on google and found this: and some others referencing that same message.

I managed to install it and

I managed to install it and it worked fine. Tried exchange backup and it fails on backing up first information store, still checking to see if this is exchange or backup exec problem.

Busy installing BEWS 2010 now

Busy installing BEWS 2010 now on a VM to test...should be interesting!

Sys states are failing on a

Sys states are failing on a 2008 R2 DC on a HA failover cluster using clustered shared volumes -

Error "e00084f9 - A communications failure has occurred between the Backup Exec job engine and the remote agent."

Unable to Install Beta. Previous version detected


I'm unable to upgrade my 12.5 version to 2010 with the above message.

Is upgrade not allowed?


 That is correct, upgrades

 That is correct, upgrades are not supported for Beta installs. Must be on a fresh "test" machine.

Where is the temp location for the offhost backups

When I run a VMWare backup where is the snapshot located that Symantec backs up from?  In Symantec 12.5 VMWare backups you could choose a location to store the temp snapshot.

Tyson Moore

Lack of upgrade support

One of the largest blockers for us is that Symantec always blocks upgrades in the beta versions of BackupExec that they release to testers. This causes us a great deal of lost time each beta cycle removing the old version, deleting SQL, re-installing and most time consuming is re-configuration of all our backup jobs, media, selection lists, etc, etc, etc.. If Symantec wants serious testing, you should release a public RC tht will allow upgrades to us testers. Yes, we are willing to risk it and those of us that do that should be expected to take the proper precautions. As a professional, I don't appreciate being blocked from operations which need to be tested fully before release of the product !!

Joseph R. Worrall
Lakewood Communications
Ormond Beach, FL.

Great feedback Joseph - we

Great feedback Joseph - we are actually planning on delivering exactly what you highlighted above come mid December- we'll keep you posted on it's availability. 

Tyson, I ran into the same

I ran into the same issue for quite a few times around and there's a few different solutions I've learned on dumping the DB's but the method that worked for me was when I was uninstalling 12.5, there is a prompt asking if you would like to delete the additional user settings & files (jobs, etc.) and I selected no.  I had to reinstall 12.5, uninstall it and when prompted again, hit yes to remove the files.  Reboot, retry 2010 install and voila, good to go. 

Hope this helps.

Hi, I installed the Beta, so


I installed the Beta, so far so good. However, I have one issue. In installing the trial, although I can pick and choose the options and agents to install, it seems to actually install them all. So in reality I can't test as I would in production.

I'm testing the Hyper V agent on Windows 2008 R2, and I'm certain some of the options should be greyed out if not licensed.

At least that was the case in the past versions I thought. I did not install Exchange or SQL or many of the other options, but they are all able to be picked in the settings section of the backup job. And many more options also appear in the View by resource pane.

Can anything be done?


Liveupdate Install


Beta install went fine on a Windows 2008 server but after completing the install there are 3 checkboxes I believe for Run Liveupdate check, Read the Readme and Launch Backup Exec.  I left the Liveupdate checked and the install exited.  I then ran BE 2010 and went to tools liveupdate and it stated LiveUpdate wasn't installed.  I then browsed the installation folder and found the Liveupdate install, ran it, and now it runs a Liveupdate.  Is this designed this way because it's a beta release and no updates will be made available?

I have a question about

I have a question about dedup?  Can you dedup and have it stored on tape???  It seems like I heard somewhere that you can not do that......

Hi Tyson - Actually, we

Hi Tyson -

Actually, we don't use a VCB Proxy server any more with Backup Exec 2010.  Because of this, backups are direct-from-storage rather than stored to a temp location then backed up like it is in BE 12.5.

This is part of our integration with the vStorage API from VMWare.


Aidan Finley
Sr. Product Manager, Backup Exec