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Installing sp4 for Backup Exec 2010 R3

When downloading the sp4 patch for 2010 R3, the result is an ISO with SP4 embedded.  I assume I run the program and then do a repair to install the service pack?  Only other option appears to be "add options".  Live update isnt working so that is not an option. 

The preinstall also says there are problems with WMI, so SQL express might not upgrade or something.  Anyway to further verify this or what exactly indicates there is something wrong with wmi


OS - 2008 R2 SP1

Product - Backup Exec 2010 R3 sp1


Installing service pack to resolve an issue with Spooler Cache Manager

25004: Spooler Cache Manager: failed to initialize global spooler cache. There are probably more objects in the queue than fit in the cache. Cannot continue. (unknown error)

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Hi,  Are you installing sp4

Hi,  Are you installing sp4 from the BE5204.1270RSP4 download found in the Attachments of this KB?

yes.  Eventually after

yes.  Eventually after entering product serial numbers, you get to here

which allows you to download the product with sp4 embedded.


But it doesnt say the correct procedure for getting to SP4, its an embedded ISO so the repair option seems most likely, but rather have it writing.



oops, no I followed another

oops, no I followed another link.   The attachments section does have just the service pack, THANKS.


Any idea about the WMI?  maybe not even a concern for the patch.

You can just run LiveUpdate

You can just run LiveUpdate and you would be able to update to SP4. You should also run LiveUpdate a couple of times after updating to SP4 so that you hat the latest hotfixes. Don't forget to push out the tremor agent after this

tremor agent? you mean

tremor agent? you mean windows agents?

yes, the remote agent to the

yes, the remote agent to the remote servers to keep everything updated to the same version.

probably a stupid question,

probably a stupid question, but do these new agents also require a reboot of the entire system?

A reboot is recommended. The

A reboot is recommended. The agent isn't fully updated until the server is rebooted   If a server reboot is not possible immediately take a look at this discussion for some alternate ideas.


I meant remote agents.  The

I meant remote agents.  The predictive keyboard is too smart.