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Instantly Available: Backup Exec™ 15 Feature Pack 5

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We are excited to announce the availability of Veritas Backup Exec™ 15 Feature Pack 5 with powerful capabilities that eliminate downtime for VMware and Hyper-V Virtual Machine recovery and extend cloud options with support for Private Cloud.

Ready, Set, Recover!Ready, Set, Recover!The motto “Better, Stronger, Faster” captures the winning spirit of Backup Exec. Veritas continues to enhance performance and flexibility while providing timely support for the latest virtual, physical and cloud platforms – One Backup To Rule Them All. 

Backup Exec 15 Feature Pack 5 adds support for many platforms including:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 SP 2
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 CU 2
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 CU 13

Please see the Backup Exec Compatibility lists for full details.

Instant Recovery

Recover a Virtual Machine in seconds with Backup Exec 15 Feature Pack 5: Instant Recovery! This Powerful and Flexible new capability minimizes the Recovery Time for VMware and Hyper-V Virtual Machines by eliminating the need to restore before recovery.

New Instant Recovery OptionsNew Instant Recovery OptionsInstant Recovery for VMware and Hyper-V Virtual Machines is fully integrated into the familiar user experience of Backup Exec enabling anyone to leverage the benefits of virtualization.

The use cases for Instant Recovery are Virtually Unlimited:

  • Instantly Recover a VM and seamlessly migrate it to production environment using vSphere Storage vMotion or Hyper-V Live Migration
  • Automate Disaster Recovery testing with scheduled Instant Recovery
  • Test a patch on an Instant Recovery VM before applying it to production environment
  • Validate recoverability of backups
  • Switch to Instant Recovery copy while troubleshooting the production environment

Private Cloud Storage

Backup Exec 15 Feature Pack 5 expands Cloud Storage options by introducing native Private Cloud Storage integration.

Backup Exec Private Cloud Storage can leverage qualified S3 API-compatible storage enabling Private, Hosted and Hybrid Cloud Storage use cases to complement Public Cloud Storage options.

Hybrid Cloud StorageHybrid Cloud Storage

Please see the Backup Exec Compatibility lists for supported cloud storage.

Learn More

To download or learn more about Backup Exec 15 Feature Pack 5, or to download a FREE 60-day trial of Backup Exec, follow the below links: 

Backup Exec Web page:

Backup Exec 15 FP5 TechNote Download page -

Backup Exec 15 FP5 Release Notes -

Availability: Backup Exec 15 FP5 is available for download via TechNote today. This feature pack will also be shortly made available on MyVeritas, trialware, and LiveUpdate.