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Instructions on moving Catalogs/Database manually from 12.5 to 2015

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I'm sure this ahd been asked but.. I'm going from BE12.5 2k3std 32bit to BE2015 2008R2 64bit .. Can someone drect me to the link to move the catalogs/databases to the new server? I found moving to 2010.




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You cannot simply move a BE 12.5 BEDB to BE 15.  They are not compatible.  Each version of BE has their own version of BEDB.  If you want to retain your jobs, then you need to upgrade to BE 15.  This will be a two stage process for you.  You need to upgrade to at least BE 2010 R3 before upgrading to BE 15.  See the document below

After that you can then move the BEDB according to this document

Although it is for BE 2014, it is still applicable.

BE 16 is out and you should upgrade to this version rather than BE 15.

For catalogs, you can try copying them into the new catalog directory and restart all the BE services.  If there are problems, then just do an inventory and catalog the media again.