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Introducing AWS Storage Gateway VTL support for Backup Exec

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Update 10/08/15 - Backup Exec introduces Cloud Connector for Amazon S3

Update 03/03/15 - Backup Exec now supports Amazon EC2 Cloud Backup & Restore with AWS Storage Gateway VTL

We are excited to announce Amazon Web Service (AWS) Storage Gateway VTL support for Backup Exec. The AWS Storage Gateway VTL enables Backup Exec customers to expand the powerful media management capabilities of Backup Exec to Cloud Storage.

AWS Storage Gateway VTL integration accelerates IT agility for Backup Exec customers by seamlessly migrating existing backup jobs to cloud storage by simply adding another job stage or by replacing existing storage destination with the AWS VTL.

The seamless integration enables anybody to take advantage of Cloud Storage benefits like automation, elasticity and Pay-as-you-Go directly from Backup Exec without spending time and resources learning and managing new products or re-architecting environments.


You can even archive Virtual Tapes for low-cost long-term storage directly in the Backup Exec User Interface to move media from Virtual Tape Library (VTL) powered by Amazon S3 to Virtual Tape Shelf (VTS) powered by Amazon Glacier.


AWS Storage Gateway is a virtual appliance that can be deployed locally on VMware and Hyper-V or in the cloud on Amazon EC2 directly from the AWS Marketplace. The front-end can be presented to Backup Exec as a Virtual Tape Library (VTL) or as an iSCSI disk target. The back-end is powered by Amazon S3 for Virtual Tape Library (VTL) and Amazon Glacier for Virtual Tape Shelf (VTS).

All you need to get started is:

  1. Backup Exec
  2. AWS Storage Gateway subscription

Since all Backup Exec editions include support for a Single Tape Drive in every Robotic Library, no additional licenses are required to get started!


For more information on Backup Exec and to download FREE 60 day trialware, visit:

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