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Introducing Backup Exec 21 - Simple, Secure and Unified Data Protection

Employee Accredited Certified

Simple to Deploy, Upgrade and Use

Backup Exec 21 takes only minutes to install and start using while providing unrivaled flexibility and agility in protecting virtual, physical and cloud environments to meet the evolving needs of organizations.

Support for VMware vSphere 7 and much more

Backup Exec 21 is once again leading the pack by providing day 1 support for the latest VMware vSphere 7 platform and also adds support for the latest Windows Server 2019 and Hyper-V 2019 updates as well as for the latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and 8.1 releases. Full list of hardware, cloud and Software platform updates can be found in the Hardware, Cloud, and Software Compatibility Lists.

Ransomware Resilience v2

Ransomware is becoming an even more prevalent threat to organizations with malicious actors becoming more and more sophisticated in their targeted attacks against organizations. Anti-virus and anti-malware don't always catch ransomware and thus the best defense is to implement an effective backup strategy, preferable following the 3-2-1 methodology of keeping at least 3 copies, on at least 2 different types of media with at least one off-site copy.

Ransomware authors have also acknowledged the fact that a backup solution can mitigate the threat of ransomware and some of the new ransomware strains are now targeting backup storage and backup solutions.

Backup Exec launched Ransomware Resilience in Backup Exec 20.4 to minimize ransomware attack surface on backup storage and with Backup Exec 21 we are further enhancing the capability by adding an additional layer of security to shield against unauthorized code execution in Backup Exec processes.

Simplified Licensing

Backup Exec 21 further simplifies licensing by introducing instance-based Bronze, Silver and Gold Editions to complement the existing capacity-based editions for additional licensing flexibility. Please see the Backup Exec 21 Licensing Guide for full details on the simplified licensing.

New license auto-update capability in Backup Exec 21 enables also simple license downloads and automated updates directly from the Backup Exec console without needing to separately access the Veritas Entitlement Management System (VEMS).

Recovery Without Compromises

Backup Exec 21 includes an updated deduplication engine for scalable global deduplication across virtual, physical and cloud backups for optimized local and replicated storage.

With the new version, it's now possible to perform Instant Recovery stand-up of virtual machines as well as automated Recovery Ready testing directly from deduplicated backups for recovery without compromises.

Enhanced Authentication and Security

Backup Exec 21 also introduces support for Smart-card based Multi-Factor Authentication on the Remote Admin Console users and provides increased security on Backup Exec Central Admin Server communications.

Backup Exec 21 Availability

Backup Exec 21 is available immediately:

  • Install and Upgrade media can be obtained through Veritas Download Center for new installations and upgrades from prior Backup Exec versions.

For more information on Backup Exec, including trialware, please visit

Want to hear from our experts? Register for our upcoming Launch Webinar on April 21st here.