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Introducing Backup Exec Accelerator

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Have you ever wished you could get your backups to run faster? We recently beefed up our popular unified data protection solution – Veritas Backup Exec - aimed at small- and medium-sized customers, by adding a number of tools typically found only with more expensive products to improve backup speeds!

One of the higher-end additions to Backup Exec 20.6 is the "Accelerator" technology or simply put, the ability to run faster virtual machine backups. This feature lets an administrator perform a full backup of a virtual machine from source, only once, and then rely solely on incremental backups from there on out. Backup Exec, as instructed, will periodically use all backups until and including the last full to form a separate combined full backup as part of a consolidation job.

A consolidate full backup is equivalent to a full backup from the source virtual machine. Subsequent incremental backups from the source virtual machine rely on the new full backup set created by the consolidation operation for recovery purposes. This helps in:

  • Maintaining the RTO and RPO objectives while simultaneously avoiding regular full backups from the source virtual machine
  • Avoiding full frequent full backups also reduces the I/O , CPU, network overhead on the source hypervisor and also reduces the backup window

We spoke with a large number of SMBs and they told us that the number one thing they need is efficiency. They need:

  • Simple
  • Efficient, and
  • Low cost IT

The IT organizations are under more pressure than ever to do more with less, they are expected to drive competitive advantage and innovation with higher quality while managing with smaller teams. We are talking, in some cases, about organizations that have handfuls of people at the most to run IT.

By taking advantage of the NEW Accelerator technology for backups, users will quickly reap the benefits of faster and more efficient backups at a much lesser cost and time, thereby allowing themselves to focus on better initiatives!

Let me know what you think about the Accelerator technology. I welcome your comments/feedback/questions.