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Introducing support for new AWS storage classes – Glacier, Glacier Deep Archive, S3 Intelligent-Tier


Backup Exec always attempts to add new features and services that AWS introduces in their portfolio.

Starting with Backup Exec 20.5, Backup Exec has introduced support for newly launched storage classes, such as, S3 Glacier and Glacier Deep Archive.

In addition to the earlier storage classes, the Backup Exec 20.5 release has also added support for the following storage classes -  S3 Intelligent-Tiering and S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access (S3 One Zone-IA).

Each of the storage classes that is introduced by AWS has a different use case.

For example, if you want to preserve backup sets for archiving over multiple years, you can target backup sets over “Glacier Deep archive” Storage class that can be retained for compliance over a long period of time, at the lowest possible cost.

You can read here about how each of these storage classes meet different business needs.

When you configure an AWS Cloud Storage device in the Backup Exec user interface, select the “Storage tier” that meets your business requirements.  You can select the storage tier as displayed in the following image.AWS storage tiers.png

Of course, there are implications of time taken to restore the backup sets targeted over storage classes such as, “Glacier Deep Archive” and “Glacier”.

Retrieval time for data stored in the “Glacier” Storage class is within 3 - 5 hours and in case of “Glacier Deep Archive”  it is within 12 hours. You can read more about the retrieval options here.

If the Backup Exec administrator can anticipate how frequently access to backup sets is required from AWS Cloud to restore data for a given agent or workload, the best of both can be achieved, data protection and cost saving using Backup Exec.

Also, Backup Exec has introduced these newly introduced Storage classes for AWS end-points such as, AWS Global, AWS Gov Cloud, AWS Gov Cloud (FIPS Compliant), and AWS China region.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade to Backup Exec 20.5 and start using the storage classes.


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