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Inventory does not detect tape change

Level 1


I recently installed Backup Exec 20.4 in a Windows Server 2016. The server has a standalone HP Ultrium 7 tape drive which is correctly detected by Backup Exec.

I'm trying to label the tapes we will use in backup jobs. Everything starts to work properly, and I'm able to label the three first tapes. However, when I put the fourth tape in the drive and perform an inventory nothing changes. I mean Backup Exec still shows the third one as the online tape. I've tried with several tapes. Same result.

I've tried to label it anyway, and it appears to work, but when I put in the next tape an perform an inventory again same thing happens, Backup Exec still shows the last tape labeled as the online one.

I've started over as well. I retired the labeled tapes and deleted them from the database, and then I relabeled them. But again I just was able to label correctly the first three tapes.

When I reach this point, even if I put in one of the tapes correctly labeled, for instance the first one, the inventory does not detect it either.

Just to provide all the information possible, I installed the purchased licenses correctly, but I also activated the 60-day Trial in order to test some new features I didn't purchase. After the tests I decided not to purchase those additional licenses. But although I have my purchased licences installed the application is still showing the "Trial Version" banner everytime I started it. I guess I just have to wait for the trial period to finish.

Could be my problem due to a Trial limitation?

If not, any idea about what is happening?

Thanks in advance.


Level 6

I have never seen that happen in a new install with a standalone tape drive.  I have heard of something kind of similar with a tape library (without a bar code reader) where two tapes ended up with the same label.

Are you running an eject job from BE when you are changing tapes? or are you using the eject button on the tape drive?

It is a long shot, but what SAS HBA are you using?

If it is a SAS RAID HBA, please make sure it is one of the few that are supported, or change over to a non RAID SAS HAB.