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Is BackupExec really worth the hassel?

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In my humble opinion...Not even close.

If I ever had to use Symantec support again, I think I would have to slit my wrists.

From: Paul Wicks
Sent: March 1, 2007 11:25 AM
To: HTN Inc.
Subject: FYI: Support Case with Symantec
Hello HTN,

If any of you care to slog through the attached case history, you will experience a small bit of the frustration during an attempted BackupExec Software upgrade .

Thank-you for your time,
Paul Wicks
Case Detail
Case # 320-031-945 Closed

Backup Exec for Windows Servers 11d (11.0)
Platform/Version Windows Server 2003 Enterprise ServerSP1


Created by :
Create Date : Feb 6, 2007 10:08:38 PM (GMT)
Closed Date : Mar 1, 2007 2:57:30 PM (GMT)

Case History

This is a complete list of all activities for your case
Case # 320-031-945
Resolution Accepted
Mar 1, 2007 3:28:17 PM (GMT)

Detail :

Closed. I don't have time for this upgrade. I think we can run the older version just fine now. The complexity of upgrading hinders the disaster recovery strategy process too heavily too be of any benefit at this time.

Thanks for getting back to HTN Inc.,
Paul Wicks

Suggested Resolution
Mar 1, 2007 2:57:30 PM (GMT)
Detail : null null

Thank you for contacting Symantec,

As a Symantec customer, your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We are aware that recent changes in the functionality of the Symantec Licensing Portal have created some confusion and difficulty for you. We are working hard to create an improved online experience for you.

You have asked for assistance with the Symantec Licensing Portal. In response, please take a moment to review the most common errors and resolution steps below. You will also find links to step-by-step, easy-to-follow processes for use of the Symantec Licensing Portal.

Common errors
1) My email address already exists but I did not create a Symantec Licensing Portal Account. If you find your email address already exists in our system, please recover or reset your password by clicking on ?forgot password.? You password will be sent to your email address.

2) I cannot find my licenses to upgrade, once I click ?Upgrade.?
If you do not find the licenses you are seeking to upgrade in the selection on the Product Selection page, you may not be the License Owner. If there is no license owner identified, the user who is in the License Portal will be assigned as the license owner. Owners only control licenses in the License portal; it does not imply ownership.
Contact Customer Care if you are not the owner and cannot determine who is within your company.

3) I am receiving an ?invalid? error message when entering my serial number and customer number combination when trying to add licenses to the catalog.
If you receive an error message when trying to register your licenses, please verify your serial number and customer number as per the certificate and determine if someone else within your company (a Technical contact) has already processed the upgrade notification or registered the licenses. If you do not know who another owner within your company might be, contact Customer Care at:

4) I can view my products but the License Key line shows ?n/a.?
The licenses appearing as ?n/a? are most likely due to your serial numbers being added, but not registered. Serial numbers must be registered in order to generate licenses. Click ?Register this license? in the License Key Options and follow the steps. Sometimes you may need to re-register licenses for keys to reappear. See Step 8 in the instructions on this link:

5) When I enter my Support Serial Number, I receive an ?invalid? error message.
*Some serial numbers are invalid based on Support Renewal issue described below.

6) I renewed support on my Backup Exec 10d license(s) but I did not receive my upgrade notification.
There is a known issue with support orders not being matched to the original license purchase. This issue is currently being corrected manually but will be automated within the next 30 days. Please obtain a 60 day trial Backup Exec 11d license from to use until your Support Order is reprocessed. The download is the full product ? full features and full functionality. There will be no need to de-install the trial license. Once the license match issue is resolved, you will receive your Version Upgrade Notification with instructions on how to obtain your permanent key. For further assistance related to this issue, contact Customer Care at:

7) The Licensing Portal states ?Your notification has already been registered?
If the Symantec Licensing Portal states ?Your notification has already been registered?, it may be because multiple Technical Contacts for your company received the upgrade notification and someone at your company upgraded some but not all of the licenses.

8) If you do not have a serial number to create an account, choose the option ?I have a certificate without a serial number.?
All license purchases before November 5, 2006 fall into this category. They will not have a serial number. Legacy licenses will need to be added to the Symantec License Portal by Sales Order in order for the owner to view them.

9) I ?upgraded? my licenses but did not receive the licenses via email.
If you did not receive your upgraded licenses via email, you have most likely missed a step from the 3-pronged process. Please refer to this link for product upgrade steps

10) I did not receive an upgrade notification for all or some of my licenses.
If you purchased your licenses via multiple PO?s and Sales Orders, you would have received multiple upgrade notifications. If you received a notification for some but not all products, ensure ALL products have current support. Some product upgrade notifications have been delayed (Storage Foundation 5.0 Windows, IM Manager 8.1, Ghost Solutions Suite 2.0). Enterprise Vault 7.0 upgrade notifications were emailed on Thursday, February 8th, 2007. You should have received your notification. Please forward your request for additional upgrade notifications to Customer Care at:

11) My license certificate did not include a Serial number for my product.
Certain products were shipped in error without Serial Numbers. License Certificates for Backup Exec for Netware 9.2 orders placed between November 5, 2006 and January 16, 2006 did not include a Serial number and are in the process of being reprocessed and shipped. You should receive your corrected license certificate shortly. If your license certificate did not include a serial number for other products, please contact your reseller or sales to report the error in order processing.

Updated frequently, these below links have been created to assist you in completing the primary tasks on the Licensing Portal. Visit this link to find a User Guide and FAQs:

If you're still having difficulty after reviewing the help files, please do not hesitate to contact our teams for a License Portal walk through. Customer Care contact information can be found here:

For New Product Registration Steps:

For Product Upgrade Steps:

If your query is related to product configuration, installation or purchase, or you are seeking Technical Assistance (access to the Technical MySupport website) please contact Symantec Sales, Technical Support teams or your channel partner, depending on the issue. If you are attempting to upgrade your licenses (i.e. BackUp Exec 11d), please ensure you are entitled to the upgrade by validating you have current support maintenance. Your Sales or Renewals contact will be able to provide you with this information.

? Symantec Inside Sales: 800-327-2232 option 2 (US Only)
? Symantec Inside Sales: 0044 870 2431000 (EMEA only)
? Symantec Renewals Department: 866-306-8787 (US Only)
? Symantec Renewals Department: +353 61 722347 (EMEA only)
? Symantec Technical Support: Find the telephone number for your country at the following link:

Also, Symantec cannot assist you without data to identify your company and the licenses you are trying to obtain. Please provide as many of the following data points as possible, if you have not done so in your original request:

Symantec Agreement Number, PO Number, Symantec Sales Order Number, RTSM Number, Customer Number, License Reference Number

Please note: Licenses purchased through an Original Equipment Manufacturers (i.e. Sun, Ericsson) are not accessible through Symantec?s license portal. Please contact the company through which the product was purchased for assistance.

If you're still having difficulty after reviewing these steps and links, please do not hesitate to reject the closure of this case or contact Customer Care directly via telephone. Our contact information is found at:


Symantec Enterprise Customer Care

Feb 15, 2007 1:33:05 PM (GMT)

Detail :
This is ridiculous. 10 days later there is still no response.
I am recommending that my employer returns Backup Exec for a refund. This product is obviously a bad choice for disaster recovery. I have always had my doubts about Symantec, and now those doubts are verified.

Feb 8, 2007 5:22:00 PM (GMT)
Detail :
PAUL WICKS anyone there? It's been almost 3 days now, and no help.
I'm pretty much ready to dump Backup Exec...

Case Created
Feb 6, 2007 10:08:44 PM (GMT)
Detail :
I enter these keys:

LICENSE KEY FOR Backup Exec Windows 11d, Advanced Open File Option with Agent for Windows Systems License

LICENSE KEY FOR Backup Exec Windows 11d, Agent for Microsoft SQL Server with Agent for Windows Systems License

LICENSE KEY FOR Backup Exec Windows 11d, Desktop and Laptop Option, 1-10 Desktops/Laptops License

LICENSE KEY FOR Backup Exec Windows 11d, Library Expansion Option License

I get this display:
Agent for Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Remote Agent for Windows and NetWare Servers
Desktop and Laptop Option
Library Expansion Option
Advanced Open File Option
Remote Agent for Windows and NetWare Servers

I click next and get this error:
A licence key for the Backup Exec porduct must be entered to add options.

Please help.

Level 6
That's not too bad. My experience is that there are several posts back and forth and then they ask "What license keys are you trying to get?"


Level 3
I had to wait over 2 weeks and still nothing from them on my licenses so I got my supplier to get them for me...

Symantec, I am very disappointed, Veritas rocked!