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Is it possible to deploy DLO agent to Win2K/XP through AD group policy

Level 2
I try to use the msi file under DLOAgent share, but it wil fail on no lauguage transform on windows installer.

Did anyone find way to deploy the DLOAgent through Windows 2000 AD group policy software setup ?

Level 6

Try using setup.exe inplace of the *.msi file to run the installation.

Level 2
I know setup.exe works.

How about Group Policy deployment ? There is a msi file there but not work.

I just want to use Group Policy to deploy DLOagent over dozens of laptops.

Level 6

We suggest you to create a Group Policy Login Script pointing to the DLO installation executable file.

Alternatively you may create an answer file to install DLO Agent via Group Policy.
The installation files for the Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO) Desktop Agent get copied when installing DLO from the Backup Exec installation CD. The share called DLOAgent automatically gets created on the media server that contains the installation files for the DLO Desktop Agent. Please refer the following technote for more information on the same:


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Level 2
1) running through login script works ugly because there is not easy way to check if it is installed when run it at second time, also interactive installation screen will lead users to everywhere, I havn't found command line options for silent installation.

2) Can you guild me where to find the "answer file" for install DLO agent via group policy ?

Level 6

For silent installation procedure please refer Page 42 of the administrator's guide on the following link.Check page 46 or the switches used for DLO installation.

Title : VERITAS Backup Exec 9.0 for Windows Servers Administrator's Guide (English)

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Hao yes it is possible

create a deployment package from the msi select the advanced option and add the language transform

source is \\server\dloagent\vertiaswhatever.msi

for english its 1033.mst in the dloagent share

to find out yours install dlo the manual way and find the dloagent install .log file in the %temp% for the user

this will list the .mst use for your language

works okay for me on user and computer packages


Level 3
forgot to add

don't ammend the setup.ini

I tried and it all went wierd

if you get error you need to delete all dloagent references from the registry and start agan.

mess with the registry at your own peril but it worked okay for me

Level 2
I tried this and get the error that the database server not specified in registry. I checked the reg and no references to DLO prior to msi package install. Any idea.

Level 3
We have the same problem. We managed to deploy the DLO agent via GPO/msi with the englishe language pack, but we have to edit the registry and entre the name of the DB server. Any ideas?

Level 2
To solve the registry problem use the following .adm to create a Group Policy Option to set the server name. (There is lots of info around about how to install this but if you need more details ask)


POLICY "Default Server Name"
KEYNAME "Software\VERITAS\DLO\2.0\Client"
VALUENAME "DefaultMediaServer"


Level 2
Ok David, I'm asking (regarding lots of info around how to install this)


Level 2
Step 1: Create the ADM
Create the .adm file by putting the text above into a text file called DLO.adm (Replace Hostname with the server name)

Step 2: Add ADM Template to Group Policy
Edit the Group Policy you have created to Deploy DLO. Under Computer Configuration right click on Administrative Templates. Choose Add/Remove Template add the DLO File you just created.

Step 3: Enable the display of Custom Reg Settings
Click on Administrative Templates so you can see all the list of folders in the right pane. Right click on the background of this pane and choose view > Filtering. Uncheck the Only Show Policy Settings that can be fully managed. Click OK.

Step 4: Enable the Policy
Under Administrative Templates you should now see a DLO folder inside that is Default Server Name Object. Double click it and choose enable, if you didn't change the name in step 1 you can now or change it to any server you want.

Sit back and watch DLO deploy with no need for a startup script