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Is it possible to restore backup server without MS SQL databases and without exported key?

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My customer has some virtual servers running in VMWare environment on IBM Blade server. On the some blade server is also physical server running Windows Server 2008R2 with Symantec / Veritas  Backup Exec 15 installed. The Backup Exec backups virtual servers and itself to tape directory. Recently he catch ransomware, which encrypted virtual servers and also physical Windows Server 2008R2. If I install fresh copy of Windows 2008 R2 and Backup Exec, is there some possibility to recover this server from tape library? The customer has no recovery media generated for easy recovery server, only tapes. I think, in case of succesfull recovery of backup server, it ishould be easy  to recover rest of servers.  Is it possible to restore mentioned backup server without MS SQL databases and without having exported key first?



I understand the stress situation here.

If you don't have existing BE database and exported DB keys, not to worry. We can still recover your data.

You do a fresh BE installation on supported operating system and connect the tape drive/library. You can inventory and catalog the tapes those have backups of your interest.

After successful catalog you will start seeing the backups in Backup Exec Restore view. From there onwards you can initiate the restore jobs as per your requirement - i.e. VM restore or granular File/Folder or application restore.

Hope this helps.

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This assumes that you weren't already backing up encrypted data. 

I'd also suggest you look at the latest version of Backup Exec's Ransomware Resilience as this might help you in future:

Backup Exec — the first step to ransomware resilie... - VOX (