Is it possible to setup a duplicate job to run on a specific Managed Media Server?

Hello everyone:

We currently have BackupExec 2014 running a CASO in the head office and runs our daily backup jobs to a deduplication storage. We setup another BackupeExec 2014 as MMS with a deduplication storage as well in a remote office.

We want to run a Duplicate job of our FULL weekly and monthly backups to the MMS but we want them to speficically run on the MMS server. The reason for this is the backup window is pretty much maxed out on the CASO server and if it runs the duplicate jobs, it will use more time to complete all the backup jobs that it's scheduled to do for the weekend. I know I can redirect the storage to use the MMS but it still runs on the CASO server. 

Any way around this? Or am I missing a specific setting?

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If the jobs are required to

If the jobs are required to run on the MMS and only the MMS, enable the following option and select the MMS server by name - "Use the Restrict backup of the selection list to devices on the following media server or media servers in a pool option" under the Device settings of the selection list(s) for the MMS.