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Is running to scirpt to delete B2k files

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I would like to know if there will be a problem running a Script to delete B2k files that are older then set limit say 4 weeks and set the script to delete files that are 6 weeks or older. Will there be ant Averse affects to backup exec will backup exec automatically cleans up the catalogs  once the those files have been deleted or will I have to go and clean up the catalog myself. So when i do a restore I wont have a long list of backups that do not exist.

Thanks in advance  


P.S  i know backup exec will automatically delete old file. I more curious about this anything else


Level 6

This is a bad idea!

What you need is proper overwrite and append policies in place on the media files, and not to manage the BKF files themselves.

By deleting the files manually, the catalog will have a lot of errant entries, which will in turn over time complicate restores as files are not available, increase the catalog size unnecessarily, and increase ultimately increase restore times due to increased administration.  We don't backup to backup, we backup to restore!  Anything that complicates restores is a bad thing.

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As advised earlier, if your OPP is set correctly, then there is no need to delete any .bkf files.  BE will re-use them when their OPP expires.  For example, If you have a daily job and you set your OPP to 3 days, there would be only 4 backup sets on your disk at any one time.

Also go to Tools --> Options  and set the following option

This will prevent BE from creating .bkf files unneccessarily.

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If you do delete bkf files (or IMG folders) for any reason tfrom the file system, then you need to retire and then delete the media from inside of Backup Exec as well. Hence much better for BE to handle it for you as others have advised above.