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Is there a way to backup these files?

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 Using Backup Exec 9.0 Small business server suite and remote agent on a win2000 pc running a software app called elephant. This needs to be backed up, the option backup open files with a lock is set but get this in the logs:

Backup - \\ROCKETAC02\C: Unable to open the item \\ROCKETAC02\C:\ELEPHANT\FOXUSER.DBF - skipped.
Unable to open the item \\ROCKETAC02\C:\ELEPHANT\FOXUSER.FPT - skipped.
Unable to open the item \\ROCKETAC02\C:\ELEPHANT\loginf.CDX - skipped.
Unable to open the item \\ROCKETAC02\C:\ELEPHANT\loginf.DBF - skipped

Is there a way of backing up these files, its part of a call logger which runs 24hrs and the only way to backup so far is to stop the program and copy across to the server. An automated way would be prefered. Thanks for any ideas

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 hello spansos,
Does the call logger have it's own built-in backup?
This could be similar to SQL Server. Backup Exec can not backup SQL Server databases with the Open File Agent. It needs the Agent for SQL Server or it can't do the backups.


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I think these files are Foxpro files and there is no BE agent for them.

The only way to back them up on the fly is the use the Advanced Open File Option in BE.  This will create a snapshot of the files and back them up.

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 Spansos - you actually could use the Advanced Open File Option to backup the open databases - give it a go, see how you go, also don't just back up the files, do a restore onto a recovery server as well to make sure it works.

Brian - FYI - Backing up open SQL databases does work with BE 9.0, but it is not recommended.
The reason it would work is because the AOFO on 9.0 snaps all the drives on the server at the same time - so if you have logs on 1 drive, the db on another it will take the snapshot at the same time, allowing good backups.
The drawback with this is - when you need to restore the db or logs, you have to shutdown the SQL services to do so - kinda like a flat file backup.

backing up open SQL databases with the 8.6 OFO was never supported as the snapshot at the drives happened at different times.

All that being said, it is much better to use the SQL agent to the backups, as it uses SQL commands(yep just like the SQL inbuilt backup) to take the backup and restore.
Hope this helps