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Is there any option to hide some jobs from the list in Job History


I'd like to hide failed job after I check cause of the failure in the job log. I'd like to see in Job History all Successful jobs and only failed jobs for which I don't check job log yet.

Is it possible in Be 2012?




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...if there is a filter

...if there is a filter option, then just filter for the successful jobs.


When I filter jobs, I would

When I filter jobs, I would not see any failed jobs. I rather want to some of failed jobs.. those for which I don't check Job Log yet.

I can delete job manualy from Job History, but when delete it, I lose access to job log.

It will be nice if I can hide failed job after I check the reason why job failed. In that situation I will see in Job History only that failed jobs which need my attention.




Such a feature isn't

Such a feature isn't available. Consider submitting this under the Ideas section & if enough customers agree, this can be considered.

Hello Przemek,     You can

Hello Przemek,
    You can use the Filter option and set the configuration as follows in Filter:

Job type   >> Enable this Filter >> Backup
Job Status >> Enable thisFilter  >> Failed
Start Time >> Enable this filter >> within the last 2 hours

This will ensure that it will display only those jobs which Failed in last 24 hours. You can edit the time as per your requirement.


Ok, thanks guys for the

Ok, thanks guys for the response.

You could achieve something

You could achieve something close by not acknowledging alerts until you have dealt with the issue - and then use the alerts lists instead of the job log lists to manage your failed jobs.