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Is this drive compatible with 8.6

Level 4
HP StorageWorks DAT 36/72 GB Internal Tape Drive SUA 1500 SCSI - LVD Manufacturer # Q1522B.

Where does one look for the most recent list of compatible devices

Level 6
The HCL is here

but since v8.6 is no longer supported (and hasn't been for quite a while ) new tape drives do not appear on it. As long as the drive uses industry standard calls for communication, it SHOULD work with any version of Backup Exec, it's just that there are no guaranteesMessage was edited by:
Ken Putnam

Level 4
Thanks Ken,

Not everyone has the funds to purchase the new version:) I am going to download the trial of 10 and see if it makes a difference, if it does I should be able to convince the third party.

thanks for the help