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Issue Regarding on Optimize Deduplication

Hi All,

I have an Issue Regarding on Optimize Deduplication.

Okay, this is the scenario. I have 3 machines CASO, MBE and Client. So I want to backup my client using Backup to Dedpulication Disk. That disk are resides on CASO. And then after the backup I want to duplicate it on another Deduplication Disk which is resides on my MBE.

Please tell me if I'm correct. I shared my Deduplication Disk on MBE to CASO Server. But every time I do that, the error prompted. "Unable to connect the service"

What is the possible solution to fix that error?




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Re: Issue Regarding on Optimize Deduplication

Why do you want to share the dedup disk?

All you need to do is to create a duplicate job to duplicate for one dedup disk to the other