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Issue on Backup Exec 2010 R3 - backup completion issue

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Hi All,


I have a backup job that is scheduled during weekday at 9PM.

For my daily backup, it tooks 10-11 hrs for 500GB size except during friday.

For Friday, it finished in the morning of next Monday. Kinda weird why it tooks very long time during Friday.


Please help me resolved this.



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1. Are you running BE 2010 R3 with all the available patches? If not, upgrade to R3, run LiveUpdate a couple of times and install SP1 along with the available patches thereafter. Push-install these patches to any remote servers you might have.

2. Are you backing up the local server or remote servers?

3. What sort of data are you backing up? Lots of small files, or a combination?

4. Are you backing up to tape or to disk? If so, what type of hardware?

5. If backing up across the LAN, are your switch ports and NIC ports hard-coded to the speed of the NICs?

6. Have you rebooted the backup server and restarted the tape drive if you use 1?



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Also check the following

1) Expand the joblog from Friday and compare it to the other joblogs.  You should be able to see which resource is taking longer and then trouble-shoot from there

2) Make sure that there are no housekeeping or anti-virus scan on any of the servers during the time of the backup.

3) If you are using a stand-alone tape drive, does your jobs finished when you remove the tape?  This is because there is an outstanding alert asking you to remove the tape and you did not respond to it.  You can set up an auto-response by going to Tools ---> Alert Categories ---> Media Removal Alert.  Once you set up this auto-response, you job will finish.