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Issue with Symantec backup Exec 11d

hi all,

I am finding an issue with the symantec 11d application. we have IBM TS 3100 system Storage which is connected to a system which is loaded with the windows 2003 server.the system i am using here is a desktop dell optiplex 330.

TS3100 is connected to the system USing a SAS cable and we have used LSI login 34443 PCI experss card.

the problem i am facing here is.

1. in the device manager of the server i am not able to find medium changer driver.

2. the application is not showing all the tapes in the library.( the library is not detected Here)

3 only 1 tape which is loaded to the tape drive is displayed here and backup is running fine.


for what i need help?

i want to make all the tapes(slots) in the library to be displayed in the robotic library of the application.

now it is not showing any of the device under robotic library.


Please help me out to find the root cause of this and to resolve this issue. i will be greatful to you if this gets resolved.

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Backup Exec will detect Tape

Backup Exec will detect Tape Library only if its detected by the OS

If OS is not detecting medium changer then check the cables and also perform power cycle.

Install microsoft drivers for the medium changer once its detected by the OS, also install latest

symantec drivers for the tape drive.

HI there ,   Are the tapes

HI there ,


Are the tapes detected in the Robotic library console .

Try the below article & see if that helps




For your library to work in

For your library to work in BE, it got to appear in the Windows Device Manager as an Unknown Medium Changer with a Microsoft driver.  If it does not appear in the Device Manager, then it is a hardware fault and you may need to get your vendor to help to get it recognised by Windows.