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Issues With 11d and GRT

Level 2

I have recently upgraded several customers sites from Backup Exec 10.x to Backup Exec 11.x. The main driving reason behind the upgrade for many of my customers was the new feature where you can restore individual email accounts from an information store backup, and therefore can do away with the time consuming and error prone mapi brick level backup.

After setting up this backup on several systems, I have noticed however when going to restore that not all the email accounts are listed when you try to do a restore.

I have read around on the web and this seems to be a common problem or bug in 11.x

The recommendation is to setup a backup to disk folder - I do not particularly want to do this.

I understand that if I want to restore invidual email then I will need sufficient disk space to restore the whole information store from tape.

My first question is - is there a fix for this issue? I DONT want to use a backup to disk folder if possibe.

My second question is - if I use a backup to disk folder - will this make any difference ? The main reason we want the granular restore capability is to be able to recover from tapes weeks or months ago if possible - how will the backup-to-disk help me here ? I dont have enough space to hold more than one days backup anyway?

Finally - is there a fix for this (is there ever going to be one)?

Thanks for your help.


Level 6
The latest patch was supposed to be a fix but I don't know anyone who can restore a whole email as yet, I am using legacy backup for the time being until they fix it properly.

Level 4
I have all current patches and still have the same problem. All I see are 2 mailboxes out of 65. I use the legacy backup for now as well.

Level 5
Have you installed hotfix 11? The issue that you are describing was addressed in this fix.

Level 5

Like you, I had upgraded from v10.1 to v11 because of the GRT feature. The results were disastrous at the production level. Even with ALL hot fixes in place. Yes, up to Hot Fix 11. Still did not resolve the issue.

There have been several problems in Backup Exec 11D that affects real world production servers:

1.) Backing up Exchange Mailbox at the Information Store level, during the restore, not all mailboxes can be restored. GRT is flawed.
2.) Back up jobs get rescheduled when you modify an existing job.
3.) Backup Log files are corrupted over 700mb or so.
4.) Tape Import/Export glitchy. It's flaky.

Stay on v10.1d. Took us a long while for us to revert back to v10.1d and now looking at other places for backup solution. Microsoft is making the move on Continuous Backup Solution and Antivirus solution.

Take a look at Microsoft's Data Protection Management v2. It is very promising. Check out the 49 min webcast on Microsoft DPM. It got me all hyped for more of DPM. Apparently, Microsoft does a better job with their version of Granular Restore Technology where you backup the Exchange's Information Store and do a drill down to an individual mailbox and restore there.

Because DPM v2 won't be out till middle of this year, we are in the process of installing the MS DPM v1 BETA and test out it's capabilities.