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Any advice to a virtual novice in using the backup exec would be appreciated.

Two backup jobs have been created and scheduled to backup 2 different partitions on a external hard drive.

The wizards were used successfully to create the backup folders on the removeable backup device.

Previous backups were successfully made before onto the external hard drive, but now after creating the current backups in the same way the scheduled jobs go on hold and are not performed.

Thanks in advance

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How you have configured the

How you have configured the External drive? As a Removable Backup to disk folder or Backup to Disk folder. Configure it asa removable Backup to Disk Folder and then run an inventory. Try running the backups again.




Creating a Removable Backup

Creating a Removable Backup to Disk folder on a USB drive is not recommended.  Removable Backup to Disk Folder can be created only on Disk Cartrides like Dell RD1000. If you are using USB drives , I would suggest you to create regular Backup to Disk folders on them. Also, Please make sure that they are configured to run more than 1 concurrent jobs..


You got provide more

You got provide more information on why you job went into hold.  There may be an outstanding alert which you did not respond to.

To handle removable external harddisk, it would be better for you to upgrade to BE 2010 or BE 2012.  These versions are designed to handle such disks.  As previously advised, you should not be using Removable B2D folders for such disks.  You must use ordinary B2D folders.