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Job Failure With Error Code V-79-57344-65218

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I'm still trying to get backups working on my newly-installed Backup Exec 2010 server.  I've just moved from Backup Exec 12.5 which was running on a different server but working perfectly.  My SQL backup jobs are working properly on the new server but my backups of files are not.
The file backup job is failing with the error: 0xe000fec2 - A failure occurred accessing the SnapShot handle. The log refers to me an article with the reference V-79-57344-65218.  The job fails during the Verify stage, after the job has been running for over 15 hours.  It also seems to relate not to one of the remote servers that I'm backing up, but rather, the actual backup server itself.
All of the information I can find online about this error suggests that it's related to the use of the AOFO.  The AOFO option was purchased a long time ago, and I always had this option selected in my backup jobs on the old server and it worked just fine, so I left it checked when I created my new jobs.
After the job failed yesterday and I did some research online on this error.  I read that the problem related to the AOFO.  I also read that if I'm not backing up any servers which are pre Windows Server 2003, which I'm not, I didn't need AOFO anyway as BE will use VSS.  So I unchecked the AOFO option in the backup job configuration and ran it again.  It failed again, during the verify stage, with the same error.
Not only did the job fail, but on the second attempt I get a list of exceptions in the job log of files which couldn't be opened and were therefore skipped.  They're mostly .mdf and .ldf files, which suggests to me that Backup Exec is failing to backup open files now that I've disabled AOFO.
So, I need some help with this error, please.  And also, could someone confirm that if I'm only backing servers running Windows Server 2003 and later I can leave the AOFO option unchecked in the job setup?  I'm not sure whether saying that the AOFO is no longer required means that it's not required as an additional, chargeable option, or if it means I should not enable it in the job setup at all.

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Hi Philip,


>> AOFO is Avaiable Free of Cost and Is no longer require seprate licence

>> AOFO need to be enabled to backup open Files still even in 2003

>> enabling AOFO on database files like *.MDF, *EDB might endanger integrity of the database.

(use offline backup without agent or Online backup using its Agent)

>> The Reason for the files are skiped is normal as it would be in the global exlcusion list of BE to skip the mdf,ldf,edb etc.. files.

>> If AOFO is disabled in the backup job properties, select the option "Never" under Backup Job Properties > Advanced > Open file backup when Advanced Open File Option is not used and recreate the backup job to avoid this error.

>> Deleting the selections and submitting the job and then recreating the selections also resolves  the issue

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You should have separate jobs to backup flat files and databases.  To backup flat files, you should turn on AOFO to handle opened files.  When you backup databases, you should turn off AOFO.

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That's exactly the setup I have.  The SQL backup doesn't have AOFO enabled and it's fine.  The flat file backup has it enabled and it's failing.  It seems to have failed again last night, after I changed the 'Open file backup when Advanced Open File Option is not used' setting to Never as suggested.  

Also, the file backup is taking longer and longer each night.  On Tuesday it took 11h 17m before failing on verify.  On Wednesday it was 16h 27m, despite the byte count being 12GB smaller because I tweaked the selection list, before failing at the same point. Last night it got up to 16h 26m before I cancelled just now, with the byte count nowhere near the total of the previous two nights (although now that I've cancelled it the byte count is actually much higher than it was shown as before I cancelled it).  Again, it was stuck on Verify.

If there is a problem getting a handle on the snapshot (whatever that means) would Backup Exec keep trying over and over again before finally timing out, causing my backup to take a long time?  Backing up exactly the same selection list on my old server only used to take 8 hours.

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Try your backup with AOFO on and selecting the Microsoft VSS provider, instead of automatic.