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Job History Display Error

Level 3
I just recently installed MSSQL SP4 along with the SP4 for Analysis services. Now when I try to view Job History I get the following error:

Database Exception 0x0, source:Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server, result:0x80040e0c, Command text was not set for the command object.

-1610579486: :: -2147217908:Command text was not set for the command object.

The BEDB is using the default instance of SQL that is installed on that server and not MSDE. I have used BEUtil to repair the database with no positive results. The database looks good and I can see entries in the history tables using the Enterprise Manager. Any ideas?

Level 3
Was kinda disappointed that I didn't get any replies at all on this moderated support forum.

I ended up figuring out the problem was related to some mismatched MDAC components. After forcing a reinstall of MDAC 2.8 SP1 all is working again.