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Job Log not in XML format

Level 4

We are running Backup Exec 2014 SP2 with hotfix 227745. The platform is Windows server 2012 R2 (media server).

For some backupjobs, which contain more than 10 servers, the job log is not in a correct XML format. A file with extension .xml is created, but it cannot be read as XML, only as a text file, which is unreadable.

The parameters for job log are: summary info and directories processed.

When i set this parameter to "summary info only", correct XML files are generated, which are of course very much smaller, with much less info.

Can this job log parameter be set per job, or only for all jobs? Some jobs have a correct job log!

Recently, the media server on which BE is running was replaced. Before we were also running BE 2014 SP2, but on a windows server 2008 R2 platform.On this server, this problem did not exist! All joblogs were in correct XML format! So the problem came with the new server.


Any suggestions how this can be solved or avoided?


Many thanks!

Best regards,


Luc Vandromme


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

The setting of detailed logging applies to all jobs and not just specific jobs.

With a higher level of logging, more information is captured causing the XML file to be large and maybe having an issue with the parsing. If i recall, XML parsing size depends upon the available server RAM.

Additionally, setting a higher level of logging can result in disk space reducing drastically and could slow down the backup jobs as well.

Do ensure installed version of MSXML is upto date.

Level 4


Thanks for your reply.However, I do not think disk space or memory can be an issue here:

there is 240Gb left on C-drive and there is 32 GB physical RAM.

So, there must be something else. If possible, i would appreciate to have the info in the joblogs as i had before on the old server, this can be very usefull to debug the backup jobs.


Best regards,


Lucky Luke