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Job Status "Ready"

Level 3
I have a couple of server that I'm having a problem with.
They run Win2000 SP4, BEv.9.0 and v.9.1.
The problem is
when I run a backup job, it hangs with status saying "Out of Time Window".
when I run Inventory or Eject or Catalog, Job Status get stuck at "Ready" and nothing happens, ever.

A couple of days ago, there was a corrupt file which a backup job got stuck at so I force quit the job. Then, I noticed that there was a online media hanging from the day that happened. So I just moved this online media to offline, hoping that this will help. But with no online media (which I think the way supposed to be...?) when i try Eject, Catalog or Invetory, its status changes to "Ready" and still nothing happens.

I cleaned the alert messages as one of the Veritas Employees suggested but no help....


Level 2
what are you backing up to? make sure that you have updated Veritas drivers and not the drivers of the manufacturer.

Level 2

got this message too, it sound like backup looking for the tape within the time frame, instead.

Actually tape was not inserted.

Level 6

Does the backup run successfully on backup to disk folder?

Check for any active alerts during the backup!

Install latest drivers:

Also refer :

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