Job completion with exception


As usual support is non existent, and the solution given hard to understand

Apparently there is no KB Article which doesnt help me

New RDS 2019 server completing with following exception on one user profile only.

Other servers backup fine

V-79-57344-38729 - You cannot back up a virtual volume and the physical volume on which it is mounted at the same time. Some files have been skipped. To ensure that your data is backed up, create a separate backup job for the virtual volume.

Answer from Veritas.

let me know if you undertand below, it maybe just the language dificulty, but a Senor tech was supposed to compile the answer on behalf of current tech

I understand Vitual based backups are better, but we have many clients on Agent based.

As per exceptions found on the job log, it is recommended to take backup as virtual based instead of agent based for the virtual servers to resolve exception. It is not recommeded to take the virtual files as physical file where GRT will not be enabled agent based backup of the virtual servers

Now they are asking for a prevoius successful job, which has never worked so i cant do that.