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Job monitor status shows ‘Loading Media’ and backup job not completing


I am using Backup Exec  2010 (Installed in a Windows 2008 server x64 Hardware configuration 4GB RAM, Core2 Duo  E6550 2.33 GHz, 80GB HD for OS and 1 TB for media and selected compress this drive to save disk space) to backup MS Exchange 2007.

I have two mail box database X & Y.  X has configured with 120 mailbox and Y has only 3 mailboxes. 
I successful create backup with Y database alone for testing purpose and successfully backed up and restored individual mailboxes.  But When I backup with X mailbox database, after long time of activity, Job monitor status shows ‘Loading  Media’  and backup job not completing.  This Job running more than 98 hours still continuing.

Remote agent on Exchange Server status shows  Current file: X database.

Please let me know, this problem because of Hardware not sufficient or any other problem.

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Status "Loading media" means

Status "Loading media" means BE is looking for a media. Check alerts for information on media requirement. There could be a pending alert for media request, which is making the job run forever.


There is no pending alerts or error message

Thanks for your response.

There is no pending alerts or error message.  The status 'Loading Media' some times will change to 'Running' and after 1 or 2 minutes it will change again 'Loading Media' . In property of job,  Job Activity stattistics, increasing bytes very slowly and Job rates now shows 12.0 MB/min   Elapsed time  shows 117: 16:29   

Hi there,   How are you

Hi there,


How are you backing up the IS? Are you using the Exchange server agent, or just clicking the Information Stores?
Can you perhaps post a screenshot of your settings so that we can take a look at it...?