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Job never runs, continues to show First Backup Scheduled

I have added several new servers with installed agent and am trying to get a job to run.  The job is scheduled to run at 6:30 PM every night.  If I click Run Next Backup Now, the time changes to the current time but the job never runs.  It is still stuck at Status of First backup scheduled.  Neither the backup server or the client server are virtual machines.  The Clock on both machines are synched within a couple of milliseconds. 

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Found a work around

I have found that you basically have to respond to the window that verifies that you want to run the job almost immediately.  If I click on Run Next Backup Now and pound the enter key, acknowledging that I want to run the job, I am able to respond before it thinks the job has been missed.  Is there any way to adjust this time to give me, maybe at least more than 1 second to respond?

Job never runs, continues to show First Backup Scheduled


The flow is like this. You schedule a job to run at 6.30 PM every night. Then you click on "Run Next Backup Now" and you will get a message box asking your permission to run the job now. When you click yes, the job gets submitted and starts running. You see the "Next Backup Date" updated to the current date because you are running the next backup now. After the job finishes, you should see the correct schedule that you have specified.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any more queries.

Job never runs

I understand how the flow should work.  The part where I am having the problem is "...When you click yes, the job gets submitted and starts running".

I click yes, but the job never runs.  Very frustrating. Even when I schedule a job to run in a few minutes, the jobs never start.   

After you click 'yes' what is

After you click 'yes' what is the state of the job? Running or Queued or Failed or Something else?

Can you please check if there are no alerts pending for a response for the job or if the job fails then a job alert might describe the reason for job fail. You can find alerts at the botton of UI.