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Job priorities are not granular enough

This is a feature request.

As verified with support, job priorities are all linked at the server level, which is definitely not granular enough for my needs. For example, if you have multiple stages or sub-jobs for each server, such as backup to disk full/incremental based on daily/weekly/monthly schedule, duplicate to disk/tape, or separate verify jobs, you cannot prioritize anything beyond the main server job over other entire server jobs.

The problem becomes much more apparent when you have multi-terabyte jobs that take most of the week to complete. Add on another dozen or so servers that need backed up (some of those comprised of multiple terabytes of data as well) and you have an extremely finite backup window and this is where better job priorities would play a huge role.

For instance, it would be nice to be able to prioritize large verify jobs lower than the smaller ones since they take much less time to complete, but still have the actual backup to disk job be a higher priority level. Or to be able to prioritize certain full backup to disk jobs in one order, but have a linked duplicate to tape job be a different priority level entirely. I don't think I need to try and recreate all of the different scenarios of why this feature would be beneficial. It seems like this should already be part of the software, but it isn't for some reason.