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Job rate B2D slow

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We are experiencing a problem with the backup 2 disk jobs. De jobs are running to slow. Last week it worked fine, but this week it doesn't.

Some information:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
  • Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R3 (Rev. 5204)
  • Disk is formatted NTFS Cluster Size: 4096 (3723,87 GB)

On this moment B2D jobs running between 300 MB/pm and 800 MB/pm.
When I take a look in the resource monitoring I noticed that the disk isn’t with high performance(screenshot).

The backup jobs are backing up VM snapshots from the ESX server. Those snapshots are created without errors or warnings.
there are also a few jobs with Netware, Windows and linux types on file niveau.


What we do when our duplicate jobs are running slow is the following:
Select the B2D files and assign them to retired media. After that we delete those files from BE and the disk (wihout de folder.cfg and changer.cfg). After that I run an defragmentation. After that the duplicates are running fast again.

Do you know what I can do about this issue? perhaps format the disk with a bigger cluster size?
Thank you.

Kinds Regards,

Niels Treurniet
DNA Services B.V.


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Hi Niels,


Have you started your troubleshooting with a restart of the media server?