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Job scheduler problem

Level 3
I got the problem with Job Scheduler that started on 1st Jan 08.
My data backups (daily diff, weekly etc) would run twice in a row and then try to run almost every minute. The job will run as scheduled, then it will run once more successfully and then try to run over and over again but it would fail or get 'Missed' status. It creates Missed Jobs entries in a Job History (hundreds of them every morning) and when I checked the job log for such jobs I found following:
Start Time: 1/8/2008 5:50am
End Time: 1/4/2008 11:00pm - not a mistake - my end time is earlier than my start time.
Jobs Scheduler looks fine, data backup jobs follow the schedule from last year and when I compare data schedule to mail schedule (that runs fine) there are no differences.
We use Veritas Backup Exec Media Server ver. 10.0 Rev. 5520 on W2K3 SP1 server.
Any help greatly appreciated,

Level 3
Problem still persists.
Checked server time - all in order.
I updated daily schedule for mail as well as for data backup - will report tomorrow.
Anybody else seen anything like this?
Thanks in advance