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Job stuck on Loading Media endless

Level 2

We have the following problem:
Newly installed server 2016 with BE 20.6 on a decent server.
Locally 8 TB as deduplication storage and as source a vSPhere Cluster 6.7.0
The jobs run for some days without problems (always full backup) on the deduplication storage. But then jobs stop after a few gigabytes. The message is "Load medium" without error message. A snapshot is created on the vSPhere and nothing happens.
In the resource monitor I see massive reading activity in the DeDup storage and no activity on the vSphere server.
I could not find any error messages. Sometimes the job can be aborted and sometimes only a reboot helps.
The job itself is a file server. Agent is installed everywhere and up to date. We back up as a synthetic backup.
Anybody have any ideas?


Employee Accredited Certified

On Windows 2016, make sure defender is disabled or the exclusions for BE are set on it.

Take a look at this as well -

Else if above does not help then repro the loading media behaviour with SGMON.exe ( bengine, beserver, pvlsvr (settings --> pvlsvr or device and media --> select verbose ) . Run the backup with these settings and when the status shows loading media wait for 1 hours. Cancel the job , submit the SGMON Log ( BE Install Path\Logs) --> open a tech support case.


Case is opened.