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Jobs hang while backing up Vmware shapshots

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We're having problem with Backup Exec 15.

When I'm backing up VM from VMware vCenter very often the Job hangs forever. Everytime Backup Exec creates a new VMware snapshot successfully. But the problem occurs when it starts coping snapshot to the Disk Storage, it stucks with no network activity and Byte Count not increasing. Sometimes the same job stopped on 2.1GB, otherwise on 15.5GB, I see no pattern. Job Status shows "Active: Runnig - Backup". Also I'm always not able to cancel that Job by Cancel button, until I kill bengine.exe in Task Manager.

The problem occurs with the same 3 virtual machines. 





Level 2


I have the exact same issue and have opened a case but so far nothing but log gathering.

I'm running a CAS + 3 MMS on different sites and doing both agent and vSphere VM backups.

I have found a specific VM that complete destroys BE15 operations when I try to back it up.

I completely resinstalled all servers 2 weeks ago (including destroying the 250 TB deduped data I had) and starting over from scratch, now back with the same issue.


Will get back to this thread when I have more information.