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Jobs in Queued Status

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Hi ,

How to troubleshoot backup jobs that missed with the following errors messages: "Unable to attach to a resource,Ensure that the selected

resource exists and is online , and then try again.if the server or resource no longer exists , remove it from selection  " ,  "Please close the

robotic door" , i expect the main problem that a jobs in queued status and i have tape drive that can't get than one job at a same time and

when a job stay in queue and start another job its causes missed in jobs.

So can anyone helpe me please to know why jobs stay in Queued status .





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"Unable to attach to a resource,Ensure that the selected resource exists and is online , and then try again.if the server or resource no longer exists , remove it from selection  " 

Are you backing up usb drives or any removable, or any folder on a network, etc? Unselect it, make specific backups and do not select whole server. 



"Please close the robotic door"

Well, either close the door or check if library has problems. Might be false alarm.



Bad backup plan? 

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...if you have 1 drive in an autoloader/library you can ony run 1 backup at a time. You'd need a second drive + Library Expansion Option license to run simultaneous jobs.

If you're missing your backup window then reconsider how you're running your backups. If FULL, consider Differential/Incremental for instance.


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Thanks ovi for your support , 

IN the first Error i expect that a main problem for get jobs in a queued status ??

And then causes missed in jobs ?

Backup plan its good and i scheduled jobs in differents time.

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Thanks craig for your support , 

yes i know that i can run 1 backup at a time and i Scheduled jobs based on it

that not a problem but a problem that when i start a backup for any job stay in queued status , so when another job start cannot backup it and i

missed it

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Thats because maybe you have a job running. Open BEMCLI and copy this: Get-BEJob -Status Active

We have problems, that sometimes Backup exec shows no jobs running, but in the BMCLi it shows.


Also keep in mind that backup exec shows jobs queued, when the library is loading the tape in to the drive. If you have a library. 

Post screenshots and logs if want more help. 

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Thank you Ovi for you support now every thing good and the backup it's up now and all job's running normally , the problem was in tape drive .