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Jobs run after editing duplicate

Level 5

I have some scheduled duplicate-to-tape jobs that are set to run on a given day and use the last full backup. I just edited to change some from Tues/Wed etc on the 2nd week of the month to the first week of the month (so they'll run tomorrow instead of next week). I only changed the schedule for the dedup to tape stage, not the original full backup stage, but the full backup started for most of these jobs when I saved the edit.

Any idea why this would happen, or what I can do to avoid in the future? I don't want to have full jobs start during business hours, but I don't want to cancel the ones that started because I don't want a cancelled backup to be the reference for my dedup to tape.



Employee Accredited Certified

to be honest that sounds like the full job waiting to run BUT was locked from running by the state of your duplicate and the edit removed the block so the full started. Kind of unusual scenario and I doubt we can answer why it happend without knowing the exact state of the jobs in the definiton when you made the edit to the duplicate stage of the same definition.