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Jobs stuck as Queued

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I just discovered that a BE 21 server that I work on (but someone else is >>supposed<< to monitor and manage) hadn't been running backups for a couple of weeks.  Turns out the license file needed to be regenerated. I did that and BE is no longer complaining about the subscription being expired.  However, no job seems to back up anything now.  When I start a job manually or let one start on a schedule, it just says Active: Queued and stays like that for hours and hours.  This even happens with only a single job running, so it's not like I'm reaching maximum jobs for a disk.  

I've restarted.

I've restarted VSS

I've removed the license and reinstalled it.

I know I've seen this before elsewhere, but don't know what was done to resolve it.

Any suggestions would be tremendously appreciated.

And no, I cannot open a support case, it's a perpetual not-for-profit license that doesn't come with any support from Veritas :(


Level 3

adding info:

I tried canceling an Active: Queued job, now it says Active: Cancel Pending and has been that way for close to an hour.  I feel like there's something wrong with the job queue service.  

I tried restarting the services using BE Services Manager, but the Backup exec Job Engine goes to "Stopping" and stays that way until I get "One or more Backup Exec server services has failed to stop."  I can kill the service using Task Manager, restart all (including dedupe services), but then I'm back to square one.  The jobs that were stuck before, are still stuck, even though everything's restarted, the jobs that were queued are still queued, the ones pending cancel are still pending cancel.

The only thing I can do is put the job queue on hold and restart the server.  Then at least nothing is queued, but once I unhold the queue and run a job, they get queued without running.  Doesn't matter if it's a job to deduplication storage or to just a basic disk.

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I would suggest that you recreate the job.

Hi pkh,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I tried that. Even a new test backup job to regular disk storage or a restore from a previously run job just sits as queued.