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LTO Backup

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Looking for some guidance here:

A cusotmer of mine has had to restore data from old LTO3 tapes and had to rebuild a server in order to do so. They don’t have the license for the software we’re using which has now run out of the trial period.

They currently are using Backup Exec 2010 R2 Version 13.0 Rev. 4164 (64-bit).

It’s on an isolated server not hooked up to the network - what license(s) would be required?


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Hmm I think the problem you're going to have is that you probably cannot get a 2010 license anymore. You could download the latest version of BE and get a 60 trial from that.

The license you need also depends on what you're restoring, such as MS Application (SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint) or virtual (Hyper-v and VMware)

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They are only restoring mailfiles (lotus notes) and data (dfs).

Purchasing a Backup Exec 2010 license may indeed be an issue since it is quite a few versions back. Another possible alternative could be to bring up a brand new system (newly installed OS) and install Backup Exec on it. You should get another 60 day evaluation time period which should allow your customer to get their restore done.

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You should be able to restore the files using the latest version of Backup Exec in trial need to license the Lotus Notes agent. Just inventory and then catalog the tape, select the correct date range in the restore wizard, and restore the flat files. Thanks!

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The latest version of Backup Exec (16) does not support Notes - so it might depend on how they backed it up in the first place as if they used the Notes agent (which they might have done because of trialware) that might give them a problem but if they just did file level backups of the Notes data they might be OK

Better option is to put the original BE version (or possibly 2010 R3) into trialware -  which might need the tape device connecting to a different server and then installing BE onto that new server and copying catalogs across between the servers (and run an inventory of the tape)