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LTO2 - Total Capacity

Level 4
HI All,
I have read some threads in the forum re LTO2 (200GB/400GB) tape capacity in BEWS9.1. I have loaded the latest drivers from Veritas (pack 45) and have also tried the latest drivers from Dell - I am using a PowerVault 122T 8 Slot AutoLoader. I cannot configure BE to show atleast 200GB of capacity on each tape. I understand that the tape would have data on it all the way to the end, so why does BE not report the true capacity. I have written over 400GB accross two tape and also performed a Full tape format (took 3.5hrs) so any markers would be at the end of the tape.

If anyone has overcome this problem or has any suggestions please post.

Kind Regards

Level 6
Hello Robert,

Initially we suggest you to update the Firmware of the Drive to the latest.

Try backing up the Data on a fresh media and verify the capacity.

Alternatively cross verify the same using Windows NTbackup.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you require further assistance.

Level 6
Assuming the solution provided is correct. Also, there is no response from the customer within 2 days from the last reply by Veritas

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I have a similar problem on an IBM server with an IBM LTO2 drive. Total capacity reported by BE is 17.8GB.

Yet I can backup over 177GB via Windows Backup.

I have upgraded firmware on drive and Windows device drives with latest versions per IBM support and still have same problem.

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To fix the problem, please install the Service Pack 1 for Veritas BackupExec 9.1.

Level 6
Doubtful, I myself use SP2 and still the problem exist but I simply ignore it as long as the hole tape is used.

A van der Boom