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I'm using Backup EXEC 10.0d

My tape LTO3 stop working and now I'm using LTO4 tape with the same media (cassettes) I used in the LTO3.

Do I need to perform any taks for that ?

I currently have no problem to backup on the media I used in my previous LTO3 and also I have no problem to restore but I heard I should convert the media from LTO3 to LTO4 but not sure if it's true and how to do that

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Re: LTO3 & LTO4

I have never done this type of upgrade without changing tapes, but I also have never heard of you needing to convert a tape either.


Go to Media, and click on the properties of any tape you have already used in the LTO4 drive. Look at the "Media Type": I know that my LTO3 drive will change the type to LTO3 every time it is read, no matter what I change it to. See if yours says LTO4 already. Sometimes they will change it to a generic type, but it should always change it to the same generic type.

Re: LTO3 & LTO4



I see "LTO" without any number

Re: LTO3 & LTO4

Since that gets set by your tape drive, you can't really change it (or if you want to experiment, change it to LTO4 on one tape, and you will mostly likely see it change back, based on my experiences).


I think you are all set personally.