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Laptop startup very slow with DLO

Level 4
Hi Everybody,
we have two kinds of problem with DLO:
1) Many clients are extremely slow during startup (up to 10 min to read an e-mail)
2) Some other clients have a normal startup (2 min), but when Outlook 2003 starts, DLO begin a PST scan that takes 15- 20 min to complete with impressive disk usage. This scan stops if user click on UPDATE in DLO Desktop Agent Window. During PST scan there are no file shown in Desktop Agent status windows. "All files are protected" is shown.
Symantec Backup Exec is 10.1 rev 5629 SP3, DLO client 2.0.6 113B58A.
All client have this profile:
Limit Bandwidth 250 kb/s, Yield bandwidth with other program, no network user data limit, Desktop user data disabled, Incremental PST backup.
File selection:
My document, Desktop, Favorites, Nethood, custom data selection for PST C:\documents and settings\%currentusername%\local settings\application data\microsoft\outlook and C:\documents and settings\%currentusername%\impostazioni locali\dati applicazioni\microsoft\outlook (for OS italian Vesion).
Users have many PST files, but none over 1,6 GB. PST are in 2003/2000/97 format.
All laptop are Compaq NC6000/4010/4000 with 512 Mb ram, 40 Gb Hd with Windows XP PRO SP2 last patches installed (WSUS).
Antivirus: Kaspersky Workstation 5.0.712
Cpu utilisation is 10-16% everage by DLOClientu.exe process but disk usage is continous.
Without DLO laptop starts in 2-3 min at least.
Any suggestion ?
C:\documents and settings\%currentusername%\local settings\application data\microsoft\outlook