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Large XML Files Causes BE to fail boot.

Level 3


Customer was unable to get BE to launch. Resource utilization on server spiked.

Customer found that there was an XML file under C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Data that was almost 7GB in size. 

As soon as  BE was launched it was trying to open that file. 

Customer renamed the file to XM_ and restarted the services. 

The system immediately came back online and customer was able to successfully run backups again. 

Format of file is: BEX_ServerName_14212.XML


1) What is this file for?

2) Why are there no controls to prevent it from growing so large?

3) Why is there no Tech Note to permit Support troubleshooting this issue faster than the customer can?


Level 6

I believe that that is a job log file.  So, I would guess that they had the job logging level turned up very high or the job got into some sort of an infinite loop logging errors.

I have no idea why BE would be trying to open a job log file at service startup, unless that was maybe from the last job that was running?

Was the file recent?  You can check the attribs of the file or look at the jobs before & after it (14211 & 14213) to get a clue.


Level 6
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This ia the job log for Backup Exec that gets created in *.xml when the backup/restore job runs.

Within BE you can set the level of logging within the job log...set it too high and you end up with larger catalog files so check that out within BE itself.