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We have a robotic library with 2 drives in it.  We were running backup exec 12.5 with this library configuration for some time.  We then upgraded to the Backup Exec 2010 Trial Version and ran that successfully for the full 60 day trial.  Upon updating to the BE 2010 full version, we are now receiving this error:
Library Expansion Option Violation.
This server is licensed to support 0 tape drives in robotic libraries. However, the number of tape drives currently in use exceeds the license. You must purchase additional Library Expansion Options, or disable 1 tape drive. Please refer to product documentation for more information.

When I look under our license information it shows LEO as licensed and installed.

Any thoughts would be appreciated...Thanks

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RE: Library Expansion Option - Backup Exec 2010

Sound like you've done every thing you need to

I've set the support flag in this one

Thanks for the response.  How

Thanks for the response.  How do I set the support flag?  Sorry...

Oh, "you've" set the support

Oh, "you've" set the support flag...  HAHA


BE comes with 1 LEO licence,

BE comes with 1 LEO licence, so you will see a LEO licence installed.  Did you install another LEO licence after you upgraded to BE 2010?  You need an additional LEO licence for the second tape drive.

By default backup exec can

By default backup exec can backup 1 tape drive in the library and any addition requires LEO. As you already have the LEO that should not be a problem. Have you checked in the 2010 that you have the LEO license installed , if it is installed then please try to uninstall the LEO license and install it again and then try to use both the drives again

If I go in BE and bring up

If I go in BE and bring up our license information (Help-->About-->License Information) it shows LEO as licensed and installed. 

However, if I go to tools-->install options and license keys, it does not show a license key/description for LEO.


that means it is not

that means it is not installed, please put the license key for the LEO in tools - install options and license key and install it and reboot the server and try it again. Should work


If you are still having this

If you are still having this issue, please check out this document: http://library.veritas.com/docs/351301

We have had some reports of this error being reported when a library or tape drive is either faultly or online in a bad state. Some have been resolved by a simple reboot of both the library and media server, some by running tapeinst.exe and removing the Symantec drivers and then reinstalling them.

Give those a shot and please let us know if you are still having the issue.

Be2010 Library expansion Option greyed out ? no key?


I installed a trial version of BE 2010, and then acuired the license for the media server and LEO ..

I got the PDF for the order, but when I tried to acuire the activation key from licencense portal... it said that this product does not need a activation key...

Now the tapelibrary expansion option is "greyed" and the selection cannot be unchecked,... I tried rebooting, uninstall/ reinstall the tape drivers...etc.

What to do?




Library Expansion Option - Backup Exec 2010 document detail.

Hi Tea,

i am understood on discussed above and used to explaination my customer as well, but they want to get document reference accordingly. i'm tries to check datasheet or specfication in website but it still not official document, it just only forums so it not profession for them.

Can you send us some reference relate with Tape backup option ( Library Expansion Option - Backup Exec 2010 ) or how to purcasae Library Expansion Option?


Thank in advanse. smiley




Hope the below articles will

@ Channak

Hope the below articles will answer your concern...




Hi,   Can you please open a



Can you please open a new forum query around this?



The Backup Exec Server

The Backup Exec Server license can backup 1 library tape drive. Since taht you're backing up 2 tape drives, you need to purchase an additional license to backup the other tape drive


Problem solved

I freaked out when I saw this problem but what I did was rebooted the Tape Library which had a Drive Media error AND then restarted all services!! 

The jobs seem to be running fine again.